Now’s the time to have the bull at your back, with Merrill.

Now’s the time to have the bull at your back, with Merrill.

Merrill believes the future is bullish, even in the most unpredictable of markets. To see you through uncertainty and help you to find opportunities, we invite you to check out the latest investment insights from our Chief Investment Office.

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Wealth Management Team
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Wealth Management

At Davis, Westerburg & Associates, every member of our team is dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. We believe every client is entitled to the highest level of personalized service and care. With the global resources of Merrill, we’ll place you at the center of the wealth management process as we work together to design a goals-based financial approach to help you reach the goals that matter most to you.

Awarded 2023 Forbes
“Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams”

 Published on January 12, 2023. Rankings based on data as of March 31, 2022.

No two clients are alike. Neither are their wealth management challenges. At Davis, Westerburg & Associates, you won’t find a “one size fits all” approach to wealth management. Our experienced team delves deep to understand your relationship to wealth and how it affects your world.

We spend time getting to know you well. By understanding what your wealth means to you, we can help you make thoughtful decisions about what you want to accomplish with it – during your lifetime and beyond. Then, we’ll work closely with you to tailor wealth management strategies to your personal goals and aspirations. Throughout our relationship, we’ll revisit your strategies and help you adjust them to changing circumstances in your life.  

We know that managing wealth is complex. We’re committed to helping you smooth out the complexities so you can concentrate on what is most important in your life. 

How We Work

As a Davis & Associates client, you will have a personalized relationship with a wealth management advisor. You’ll also have access to a knowledgeable team with diverse personalities, skills and experience. We believe our differences are a source of strength. Each of our multigenerational team members contributes specialized knowledge and individual perspectives. What unites us as a team is our approach to wealth management. No matter which of us you speak to, you will hear a consistent message.  

What you can expect from us:

Collaboration. We’ll work side-by-side with you to help you articulate and pursue your wealth management goals. 

Communication. We encourage candid discussions about what is happening in your life and the financial markets.

Customization. We can help you create wealth management strategies and build portfolios based on your individual goals and preferences.

Understanding Your Priorities

Although every client is unique, many share similar wealth management objectives. The difference is in the details. As your wealth management advisors, we’ll work with you to tailor strategies to your individual goals and priorities.  We leverage our skills and the deep resources of a global financial services company to help you address challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

For many clients, retirement is their top financial priority. Whether they are in their prime earning years or getting ready to start the next phase of their lives, most have concerns about sustaining their wealth for a lifetime. Beyond that, they want to leave a legacy for future generations or the causes they care about.

Our retirement income planning process is designed to help you create a lifetime cash flow so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you envision. We’ll work with you to carefully craft a wealth management strategy for pursuing your lifetime and legacy objectives. We can also coordinate with your CPA, attorney and other professionals to align tax minimization and estate-planning strategies.

Who We Work With

The clients we work with are as diverse as our team. They encompass intergenerational families, institutions, and individuals at every stage of their financial lives. We have considerable experience working with professional practices and local universities, including faculty and staff seeking guidance on transitioning from state-funded retirement plans.   

Intergenerational Families

We often say that we have three families: at home, at work, and our clients’ families. We’re committed to building relationships that enable us to become part of a family’s financial life, standing by them as they navigate through challenging times and celebrate special occasions.

Our wealth management services for families of means extend beyond strategies to preserve wealth for future generations. We help pass along values and intentions as well, through financial education that encourages the next generations to be capable stewards of wealth.  We also facilitate conversations between generations to relieve some of the pressures they may feel around wealth.    

Our services for multigenerational families include an advisory board that functions much like a focus group. We hold semi-annual meetings with parents and children to better understand how we can address a variety of needs, including their preferences for communicating and interacting with us.           

Professional Practices

At Davis & Associates, we’re committed to caring for the caregivers in our community. Through the years, we have forged strong client relationships with healthcare providers at every stage of their careers. Some are veteran physicians who may be considering the sale or transition of a practice. Others are starting a private practice or joining a hospital team.

Years spent serving the specialized needs of healthcare providers differentiates our team from most others. We have developed deep insights into the financial concerns that are most important to medical practitioners. If you are a physician, we can offer a variety of wealth management strategies for your professional practice as well as for the personal side of your balance sheet. 

At your request, we’ll help you manage investments and develop strategies for retirement, liquidity events or transferring wealth with a focus on tax minimization. Through Bank of America, we can also provide access to specialists for securities-based and residential lending.

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Insights, observations, and ideas to help you in your pursuit of your financial goals.

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Take charge of your financial future with a plan that is all about you.


Merrill is proud of our advisors who’ve received recognition from financial industry publications or directly from Bank of America Corporation. We believe they are setting the standard for exemplary client service.

Davis, Westerburg & Associates

Forbes “Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams” 2023
Published on January 12, 2023. Rankings based on data as of March 31, 2022.*

Meet the Team

Supported by the global resources of Merrill, our team is comprised of talented and experienced individuals committed to building strong client relationships based on trust and personalized service.

Additional Resources

The following specialists do not make securities recommendations. Please contact your Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisor if you have questions about how a specialist might be able to assist you.

Daniela Nunez

Wealth Management Banking Specialist


Christina Manos

Credit Consultant

Bank of America, N.A.

NMLS #869928

Allison Mulgrew

Wealth Strategist


Past Events

Compelling Wealth Management Conversations

March 16th, 2023|6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

How can consistency, courage, and balance help drive long-term investment success? We are looking forward to having Invesco leadership share how these key principles and historical insights may contribute to achieving your investment goals.

    Alachua Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication

    January 12th, 2023|9:30 AM EST

    In 2022, our team volunteered building homes with Alachua Habitat for Humanity. We are delighted to rejoin these families in celebration of receiving keys to their new homes.

      2023 Santa Fe College Women of Distinction Luncheon

      March 1st, 2023

      We are honored to sponsor the Santa Fe College Women of Distinction. Since 1987, the college has recognized outstanding women who are inspiring leaders in our local community, Alachua and Bradford Counties.

        Staying on Track

        We understand that both your life and the financial markets can change over time. By checking in to discuss changes in your life and revisiting your financial approach, our goal is to help you stay on track to achieve what's most important to you.

        Reviews to help you
        stay on track

        We’ll meet with you to review your goals and the progress you’ve made toward reaching them. We’ll also discuss any adjustments needed to your financial approach to help you stay on course.

          Changes in your life
          and to your goals

          Your life and goals change. As these changes occur, we can update your approach to reflect them.


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            Let’s Have a Conversation

            Helping you reach your goals starts with getting to know you personally. Through understanding what matters most to you, together we can help you create a financial approach that reflects your personality. Only then can we offer an approach that is built around your life priorities and the advice you need to help you address fluctuations in the market and changes in your life. Let’s work together to help you achieve your goals.

            Why Merrill?

            As Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisors, we will sort through the financial complexities of your life, helping you build a customized investment approach to address your needs and pursue your goals.


            We put you first, every day.
            Learn more about the dedicated one-on-one relationship you can have with a Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisor.

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            No question too big or moment too small

            For every question you have, every decision you make and every answer you need, we are with you to listen and help guide you along the many paths your life can take. Watch this video to see some questions we can address together.

            Personalized advice from a dedicated financial advisor.

            We get to know you and your family, your financial situation and what matters most to you.

            A comprehensive approach, built around your life’s priorities.

            Drawing from our experience and the best thinking of Merrill, together we will design an approach that reflects your unique needs, priorities and financial situation.

            Adjusting your investment approach as your life and the markets change.

            We will work to help you stay on track, regardless of what the markets are doing.