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Merrill Personal Wealth Analysis® can help us build and document your personalized plan, centered on your goals and focused on what you want to achieve.

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As a Merrill Financial Advisor, my goal is to help you execute the vision that you have for your life and give you back the time to actually enjoy it. I take the time to find out what is most important to you and your family in every aspect of your life, so that we can clarify that vision together and formulate a financial strategy tailored to it. Together, we will analyze your specific situation to help make sure that our recommendations are specific and intentional to your objectives. But life happens, and new opportunities and obstacles will present themselves. Your plan is a living document, and as your life and your vision change, so will your plan, to help ensure that the things that are most important to you remain achievable.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, playing tennis for Mounds View High School before leaving my home state briefly to attend Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I received my undergraduate degrees in Economics and Political Science from Emory and my Master’s degree in Political Science from Emory at the same time. I continued my education at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I received my Master’s in Teaching. Prior to joining Merrill, I was a consultant with a small firm in southern Minnesota for several years. My background in small business gives me a deeper insight into the unique challenges, opportunities, and uncertainties faced by small business executives and their employees. I take seriously the responsibility of a financial advisor to communicate every client’s plan in such a way that they understand it and could explain it themselves, which my experience in the classroom has prepared me to do. The goal is always to demystify your situation and the choices we make in your plan, so you can be confident about the direction we're going.

Currently, I live in Rochester, Minnesota, where my wife is an anesthesiology resident at the Mayo Clinic. We love exploring the trail system in the area and seeking out new donut shops around Minnesota.

I am inspired by Merrill's deep-seated tradition of service. From the everyday business of helping families find financial confidence to a rich history of local philanthropy, Merrill is a firm I am proud to be a part of and serve my community alongside.


    Bethel University & Seminary

    Emory University

Where do we begin? It starts with you.

At Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, your financial advisor focuses on the things you care about most- family, goals and priorities - even as they change over the years.

Understanding Your Life


I begin every relationship with a conversation, helping you identify and prioritize which goals matter most to you. Whether it's transferring wealth to the next generation, customizing your financial approach to help you pursue your passions, or providing advice and guidance to help you stay informed, I start by listening to learn more about you and your family.

Drawing upon research in the field of behavioral finance, Merrill developed the Investment Personality Assessment to help me get to know you better as an investor and help you refine your investing preferences. Together, I can help customize your investment approach. Using an understanding of your priorities and investment personality as a foundation, I help you access the full breadth of resources from Bank of America’s banking products and services and Merrill’s investment insights to address all aspects of your financial life.


My process is designed to help deliver a customized, consistent experience to assist clients not only in wealth accumulation and preservation, but in areas that go beyond investments. My ability to provide access to the investment insights of Merrill, trust and fiduciary services from Bank of America Private Bank, and the banking convenience and lending solutions of Bank of America offers a way to help clients manage all of the pieces of their financial lives. I view myself as a financial resource, helping clients with potential solutions for transferring wealth to the younger generation.

Trust and fiduciary services are provided by Bank of America Private Bank, a division of Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation (“BofA Corp.”).

Focus On Individuals, Families and Small Businesses

I believe that financial success can be achieved when you’re able to make investment-related decisions and trade-offs that can help you reach personally meaningful goals. So whether you’re planning your retirement, saving to buy a home or fund a child’s education, I start by getting to know you and how you feel about the following seven life priorities.

  • Health: Managing healthcare expenses, now and in the future
  • Home: Upsizing, downsizing, remodeling or buying a vacation home
  • Family: Taking care of your family and other people in your life
  • Leisure: Spending your free time in meaningful ways
  • Giving: Volunteering, mentoring others and giving to charities
  • Work: Working in retirement, selling or starting a business
  • Finance: Bringing it all together and defining your financial goals

This material should be regarded as general or educational information on healthcare or Social Security considerations and is not intended to provide specific healthcare or social security advice. If you have questions regarding your particular situation, please contact your legal or tax advisor.

Your approach to investing

Drawing upon research in the field of behavioral finance, Merrill developed the Investment Personality Assessment to help us get to know you better as an investor and potentially help you refine your own investing preferences. By gaining a deeper understanding of how you think and feel about investing through this assessment, we can customize the financial approach we develop together to help you pursue what matters most to you. Our Investment Personality Assessment is one of the ways to help us get to know you - to understand your goals and priorities. These questions will help us provide you with additional insights and resources.

Understanding your goals and priorities

Your life and goals change. We have tools to help you keep track of these changes so they can be reflected in your financial approach.


I joined Merrill because I could see that this firm shared my passion for helping people achieve financial confidence and their vision for their lives, even individuals and families who wouldn’t normally draw the attention of a large firm. Worried about managing future health care expenses, or making investment decisions for your household if a health event leaves your primary investor incapacitated? College on the horizon? Considering the sale of a business or purchase of a home? Preparing to pass your wealth to future generations but unsure how to do so with tax-efficiency? I provide access to the investment insights of Merrill, trust services of Bank of America Private Bank, and the banking convenience and lending solutions of Bank of America, and help clients at every stage in their financial journey use those resources most effectively in pursuit of their vision and financial confidence.


I believe that every person has the right to have a vision for their life and that they will leave a legacy, whether they are intentional about it or not. My mission as a financial advisor is to help individuals and families bring their vision into focus and define what they would like their legacy to be. That is why I begin every relationship with a conversation, helping you identify and prioritize your goals.

Once I have a clear picture of your vision for yourself, your family, or your business, I help you access the full breadth of resources from Bank of America’s banking products and services and Merrill’s investment to build a customized financial strategy that addresses common risks, like sequence of returns and inflation, and less common risks, like incapacity and estate management. After your plan is in place, I will communicate with you regularly about your progress toward your goals to help make sure that any changes to your goals or situation are incorporated into your plan.

Staying on Track

We understand that both your life and the financial markets can change over time. By checking in to discuss changes in your life and revisiting your financial approach, our goal is to help you stay on track to achieve what's most important to you.

Reviews to help you
stay on track

We’ll meet with you to review your goals and the progress you’ve made toward reaching them. We’ll also discuss any adjustments needed to your financial approach to help you stay on course.

    Changes in your life
    and to your goals

    Your life and goals change. As these changes occur, we can update your approach to reflect them.


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      Personalized advice from a dedicated financial advisor.

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      A comprehensive approach, built around your life’s priorities.

      Drawing from our experience and the best thinking of Merrill, together we will design an approach that reflects your unique needs, priorities and financial situation.

      Adjusting your investment approach as your life and the markets change.

      We will work to help you stay on track, regardless of what the markets are doing.