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I deliver extensive knowledge and know-how to an elite circle of clients – many whose entrepreneurial spirit and success demand a more sophisticated level of wealth management.


Since launching my career in 2006, I have been motivated by the belief that I play a critical role in enhancing and enriching the lives of clients. Operating on multiple cylinders and incorporating a range of disciplines, I am well aware that my performance can help determine theirs.

Who do I serve? An impressive group of self-made women and men residing in more than 20 states. These high-net-worth and ultra-high net-worth clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, financial executives, family offices, generations of extended families, and foundations. For each client, I strive to deliver a highly personal, customized and valued experience based on familiarity and trust.

While my clients have succeeded in building enterprises and accumulating wealth, most come to me after reaching a point where they need professional and proactive guidance in helping with myriad opportunities and challenges – from risk-managed investing and thoughtful retirement planning, to multi-pronged strategies that can simultaneously address significant liquidity events, intergenerational wealth planning, and liability management.

Additionally, because their business and personal lives typically intersect financially, I assist with both. In fact, I regularly provide hands-on assistance to business owners for plan design and implementation of 401k and defined benefit plans.

When asked, I characterize my offering as a rich repository of knowledge and best practices. Each day, I build and oversee integrated strategies as sophisticated as the clients I serve. Privacy is a pillar of my offering. Still, when it can prove beneficial, I share what others in a client’s peer group are doing. This not only leads to proven ideas for meeting an array of challenges, but ongoing education that encourages multiple generations to learn and prosper.

Over the past 16 years, I’ve developed the rich experience and demonstrated ability to manage high concentrations of wealth for clients – many who’ve been referred to me. I am fully invested in supporting these clients, as a dedicated steward of their wealth and wishes.

Throughout my career, I’ve built enduring relationships with successful business owners, CEOs, managing directors and other senior-level executives at media companies, Bank of America and other financial firms, senior partners at law firms, physicians, artists, entertainers, owners of sports teams, family offices, art galleries, foundations and endowments.

To address each client’s needs and nuances, I deliver a sophisticated suite of financial strategies commensurate with the opportunities and challenges they face. On a regular basis, I reach for the expertise and specialized skills of my colleagues at Bank of America Private Bank – blending the wisdom of our experiences into defined strategies that are customized for each client. Working as a team, we are fully capable of serving clients as their situations and aspirations evolve – regardless of their complexity.

With many founders and business owners looking to sell their enterprises in the short- or long-term, I have developed a strong competency in serving them “up to and through” key liquidity events. Given the dynamics of their entrepreneurial lifestyle, my approach is highly proactive. Rather than wait for clients to encounter situations that can be foreseen, I stand behind them by getting out in front of important decisions. This allows me to present thoughtful recommendations with sufficient time for clients to decide how to proceed.

For many corporate executives, I help them access cash – especially important when cash flow is uneven (due to compensation structures that may include lump sum payments, profit sharing and/or restricted stock).

I also coordinate with clients’ CPAs and attorneys to deliver a synergistic approach to wealth management. In addition to calling upon our firm’s trust professionals for their knowledge, I provide clients with access to Bank of America, N.A. for residential lending (including custom and construction loans), refinancing, securities-based and commercial lending, as well as yacht and jet leasing services.

It’s personally gratifying to help optimize clients’ wealth and wellbeing – as it moves across stages of their careers and generations. Working with their children is an opportunity for me to educate and explain the responsibilities of inheriting and managing wealth. I am here to position clients for desired outcomes – the kind that bring financial and emotional fulfillment.

*NMLS ID 579713

I recognize that clients – regardless of their wealth – are best served by highly personalized and holistic strategies that reflect who they are, where they stand, and what they’d like to accomplish. As a seasoned and sensitive advisor, I summon my energy and, often my empathy, to appreciate clients’ most cherished goals.

The bedrock of my process is developing an intimate understanding of how clients view their wealth and the opportunities that come with it. For this reason, “dollars and cents” discussions are a final, yet important consideration.

Where do I begin? Having honed a disciplined, planning-based approach that is ongoing – not a one-time event – I begin by asking questions of clients that can help them identify and prioritize their visions of what they’d like to accomplish. Once intent is defined and family values are understood, I then evaluate distinct aspects of a client’s wealth (assets, liabilities and more) – to determine if critical pieces have been ignored in a previous advisory relationship.

After I share wealth-structuring advice with clients, I introduce a limited number of investments based on the outstanding research and strong convictions of our firm’s analysts and Chief Investment Office. Avoiding trends and unnecessary risk, I strive to hit singles and doubles, rather than homeruns – often with blue-chip companies chosen for their strong management, track records and balance sheets. In addition to bonds and other asset classes, I can help clients benefit from alternative investments* that I deem attractive, affordable and likely to offer reduced volatility.

At all times, I am driven by each client’s objectives. Having already accumulated wealth, most want to minimize risk, preserve that wealth and enjoy opportunities for growth. Other clients are looking for income in a low-interest environment. I have two goals –to preserve clients’ assets and put those assets to work, often in ways clients never thought possible.

Additionally, I strive to maintain tax sensitivity – matching up tax losses and gains throughout the year. Working in concert with a client’s CPA, I can also align tax-minimization strategies. And on a regular basis, I can coordinate with clients’ attorneys, to optimize the development of estate planning strategies.

Finally, whenever it can benefit clients, I call upon professionals from our Bank of America Private Bank and throughout Bank of America, N.A. By bringing these people to the table, I provide clients with a powerful combination of sophistication, unbiased insight, resourcefulness and customized solutions.

*Some or all alternative investment programs may not be in the best interest of certain investors. No assurance can be given that any alternative investment’s investment objectives will be achieved.
*Solutions are based upon the client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, overall investment goals and the costs associated with the recommendation.
*Global Wealth & Investment Management (GWIM) is a division of Bank of America Corporation. The Chief Investment Office, which provides investment strategies, due diligence, portfolio construction guidance and wealth management solutions for GWIM clients, is part of the Investment Solutions Group (ISG) of GWIM.

A hallmark of my approach is my unwavering focus on clients’ lives and livelihoods. By working diligently on their behalf, I provide what is commonly characterized as a “boutique-like experience” – where enlightened perspectives and thoughtful input are delivered in a timely and discreet manner. It is my belief that the referrals I receive reflect the quality of that experience, the rigor of my service, and my ability to organize each client’s financial affairs.

An important role I play is helping clients think clearly and deliberately – so that their myriad financial decisions are not triggered by emotion. Rather, my intent is that decisions be based on the mutually agreed-upon financial foundation and strategy we put in place. By unveiling who I am and getting to know each client well, I find that mutual trust and interests inspire a collaborative working relationship.
A key aspect of my approach is working closely and frequently with both spouses. This enables me to guide discussions in a comfortable environment where clients can explain their goals and concerns, including topics that may have been difficult to discuss previously.

Given my age and ability to bridge generational gaps, I also encourage conversations with clients and their adult children, so that all stakeholders can understand an original work ethic, for example, and the wishes of other family members. For clients who wish to pass along wisdom along with their wealth, these discussions can be quite beneficial.
In serving accomplished people who want to accomplish more, I believe that superior wealth management requires my uncompromised devotion and undivided attention. The results of my efforts are best measured over time ­– in the delivery of highly professional, proactive and purposeful wealth management. To this end, I make it my business to make each client’s goals, my own.

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Supported by the global resources of Merrill, our team is comprised of talented and experienced individuals committed to building strong client relationships based on trust and personalized service.

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